Monday, February 16, 2009

cake class #1

i took my first cake decorating class at kake kreations. i am taking it with my boss, karla, and her daughter natasha, cara, gaby, and kim. we have way too much fun.
here is my first cake from start to finish. take an 8 in round, cut it in half and put the halves back to back.
crumb coat that sucker. you can tell my crumb coating wasnt the best ever because you can still see crumbs in my final project.
then we really frosted it (with my homemade frosting, after the creation of that stuff i am NEVER eating frosting again. the crisco and powdered sugar... ick!
then we made our own piping gel and picked the colors for the stripes of the butterfly. striped it up, smeared it and frosted the body and head and around the base.


Fair Weather Runner said...

meggers this is awesome! i'm not a cake lover, but that looks delicious and SO pretty.

Anonymous said...

You are so freakin' cute. And who is FairWeather Runner and why does she call you Meggers???? You are MY Meggers. Wsup?

Aunt Norma said...

sorry, my bad. That comment was from (duh) Aunt Norma
Love you