Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hittin the slopes

friday jeremy took the day off work and i took a half day so we could drive up to big bear lake, about 2 hours away in the san bernadino forest. there is a beautiful lake that people boat and water ski on in the summer and two mountains for downhill skiing: big bear mountain and snow summit. lance and kris were already up there skiing - they are old pros. they brought callie and zuma, so we rolled into town and played with the dogs for a while, waiting for ryan and kim to arrive. when they got there, we headed to the village center for shopping and "fine dining." we had drinks and appetizers at the pub, aptly named "the pub," as ther ewas only one in the town. once the mountain closed for the day, we met the ochsners back at the cabin for lasagna and hot tubbing. talk about a great night. then we started a game of milles bourne. love it!

saturday morning we woke up extra early to get to the mountain and rent our equipment in plenty of time for our 8:45 ski school class. lance and kris switched from skiing to snowboarding, so they were in class too. it was the first time skiing for the rest of us, so we practiced getting our skis on and off, falling, and turning downhill. then we learned the wedge and we were ready to hit the baby slopes. while waiting in line for the magic carpet, the ski mountain version of a people mover in an airport, we were watching the baby bears kids' ski class. i wanted to take them all home with me, then decided against it because who wants a kid who is a better skier than they are when the kid is only 4 or 5? not me! also because 20 kids would be rather expensive! but they were darn cute! the instructor was playing ski school red light green light with them, which means she was yelling pizza! and the kids would wedge their skis like a slice of pizza to slow down... then she would yell french fries! and they would make the skis parallel and take off. it was great.

after taking a couple of cross country trips down the bunny slopes our instructor decided we were ready for the lift. the ski lift was basically the reason why i felt like i needed ski school. i am terrified of it, somewhat unreasonably. of course i was fine, especially since the lifts on the bunny slopes are really slow. we all got the hang of it then were let loose on the slopes. jeremy and i picked it up pretty quickly, but i was surprisingly more of a daredevil than him when it came to steep slopes and quick turns.

when the mountain closed at 4, we were all exhausted and more than ready to head back to the cabin. taco soup had been simmering in the crock pot all day, so after another wonderful hot tub session we scarfed it down. more milles bourne, some settlers, and hot chocolate and we were in business.

sunday morning we went back to snow summit for more skiing and everyone else went home. we warmed up on the bunny slopes then headed up the big lift to the top of the mountain for a more adventurous couple of runs. we skied down some blues and a little bit of greens and generally had a fabulous time. i only fell all weekend when almost at a complete stop and trying to avoid other people. jeremy had a bit of a deceleration problem ad took a couple of spills but neither of us had more than a few sore muscles (my calves are like rocks and my triceps arent much better) so we were happy with that. no broen necks or falls from the ski lift like i was worried about.
i am in love with skiing and with my hot pink ski jacket. can life get better???

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Fair Weather Runner said...

Congrats! YAYA! Looks like you guys are ready to graduate to the Gibson family Winter Park ski trip :) It's a good time! Sounds like you are already a better skier than I am!!