Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is... AhhhMERacun aidole!

Several questions to ask after viewing tonights results show (spoilers ahead)

1. Is anyone else ecstatically happy that emotion laden tatiana del toro is leaving? That girl creates drama like nobodys business.

2. Does anyone understand how the top twelve is actually created? I get that three from each set of tweleve will be in the top 12 but where do the other three come from? Do we vote or do the judges pick? Is there a chance that tatiana will come back? If so, I may have to not watch. She makes me crazy. But I guess it is good tv.

3. Is it weird that danny gokey still wears his wedding ring and has his brother carry around a picture of his dead wife to strategically flash to the camera or heartwarming and sweet? I can't decide.

America, you decide.
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Anonymous said...

Holaaaa ))! Funny Interviews with Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey - you must see! VIDEO and American Idol Season 8 Results VIDEO

Fair Weather Runner said...

yay for an AI post. I think Tatiana was funny, I told Ed I hoped she made it for entertainment value, but she is DRRAMMMMAAA on a stick. And Ed thinks there is something kinda shady about Danny, I don't know, can't decide. With you on the picture thing.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Tatiana! I like Danny Gokey and didn't notice the ring wearing??? Didn't his wife only pass away like 4 months ago though? I think some people wear their rings awhile after. Anyhoo, there is supposed to be a wild card group at the end so it is entirely possible that crazy Tatiana will be back...Lord help us! I think the judges choose people that they feel should have another chance to be wild cards. Love your commentaries by the way :)

T-Bone said...

I have to constantly remind myself that this is a tv program and not a true talent competition. I think the producers make casting decisions based on who will grab the most eyeballs every week even if that person is a trainwreck. the only thing that can explain how a basket case/whack-a-doo like Tatiana can make it into the final 36 but Danny Gokey's best buddy Jamal doesn't make the cut. Probably also explains the wedding ring and the convenient photo of the former mrs. Gokey,