Sunday, February 1, 2009

super bowl sunday

i will post soon about our ski trip awesomeness but first, a few thoughts about super bowl xliii.

quarters 1-3: boring
halftime: bruce who? oh wait... is he "the boss" they always talk about in archie comics? how about someone who has produced an album that has received airtime in this millenium? or are we too worried about nipplegate 2?
quarter 4: semi interesting but not really
commercials: seriously??? there was an average one with theclysdales talking about how his great grandpa found his calling but it wasnt great. and i was happy to see jack get hit with a bus. but overall - not so much. did anyone see a great one this year? im guesing not.

i got a secret thrill everytime they said raymond james stadium in tampa on dale mabry. i miss tampa sometimes. and i love that they did halftime from inside the pirate ship. go bucs!

overall, the best part of the super bowl was catching up on emails and working on my next baby blanket. john and emay welcomed baby ethan yesterday morning 2 weeks early! ive got to get my crochet hook moving!!!!

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