Sunday, August 9, 2009

weekend is over!

i guess i got lucky because i am actually looking forward to goin to work tomorrow. first i have to get rid of our pods (he's coming at 630am) and then go for a run. i dont work until 11. maybe i'll even finish unpacking our boxes tomorrow. i only have two left. i feel kinda amazing.

i put together the guest bed, our bed, and an ikea chair. i unpacked about a billion boxes. i watched movies on a tv! i need to find our xbox controllers so i can play video games. its weird to have all this stuff again.

life would be complete if only jeremyand cricket were here! he has his phone interview tomorrow... *fingers crossed* not sure if he will actually have any new info after the converstaion, but at least he will feel like he is making progress in this frustrating situation.

our guest room is actually completely put together except a few nails in the mail to hang some stuff. now you can come stay with us!

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