Tuesday, August 18, 2009

totally crap day

for one thing, it is really hot right now, and humid, and we dont have an air con or a dehumidifier. so when i leave work i just go home and sweat. ugh.

last night i had a major breakdown because i was sweaty and tired and our internet stopped working (the internet that i was stealing so i really have no cause to be so upset) and i miss jeremy and i don't really have any good friends here (nashua is so far away sometimes!!) and life's hard.

jeremy told me to order cable and internet (and we get a free netbook! yay!) and that he wouldfly in this weekendif i wanted him to. we really dont have the money for that so it was a nice thought but oh well.

he gave his two weeks notice today, for many reasons,but mainly that the transfer was going to take much too long and he wasnt getting any answers and we cant live bicoastally any more. so by sept 6 he will be here! and it might work out that he will get to see bryce in wichita with the ashley raines band (wichita peeps - sept 3 - go to the show for realz). so my whole family will be together except me.

i'll be here, sweating and sitting. by myself. at least i will have e! and vh1 by then to keep me company. and i'm not giving fred enough credit as a companion. he doesnt talk much but he is nice to look at.

and speaking of company, 10 days til anna is here! its a good reason to rent a car so i'll be able to run some errands, see my best friend, two shows (one musical and one concert) and go to a new church that is too far to walk to. so next weekend will be fun!

and this weekend i have a date for sunday show and dinner with mark and lanelle so thats exciting too. once i have a vehicle i hope to see them more but for now living 20 minutes apart might as well be 200 miles. if i cant walk there or ride my bike there it just isnt happening, especially in this heat.

also, my running career is suffering due to heat. just a random aside.

there was sad news at work today but it could wind up looking really really great for me so *fingers crossed*

whats new with you, interwebbies?

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Fair Weather Runner said...

oh meggers. i feel for you! our AC broke in june when we had a 100 degree humid heat wave and it IS horrible. hang in there, just a few more weeks my friend. and BUY FANS, like three of them and set them up all over with the ice on your neck. it helps.