Sunday, August 30, 2009

maine in the rain

friday afternoon i picked anna up at the airport in my fancy rental car (free upgrade!). we went to dinner at tiya's and then to a show at the palace. we saw baby and i thought it was funny and cute.

then, we decided to drive to maine. as a sidenote, please remember that i havent driven a car in about two months. also, as it rains in los angeles about twice a year, i havent driven in the rain in about 4 years (since we moved from kansas). so, of course, it was raining the entire drive (in the dark). the highway lanes are not super clearly marked and i had a hard time figuring out where i was supposed to drive.

thanks to our trusty garmin, consuela, we made it to maine. we had a heck of a time finding a welcome to maine sign. we wound up stopping at the naval base and asking them where it was, and the guy told anna. he also let he know that we couldnt take pictures at the base. duh. why would we want to anyways? there was no welcome to maine signs there.we finally found one, then another and another. then we found the visitor center. woot woot!

we got home around 1:30 am, way later than either of us are used to staying up until. my shoulders were SO tense from hunching over the wheel. when is jeremy going to get here to drive me around???

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