Saturday, August 15, 2009

ok that was weird

yesterday morning i was at work checking my email and selling tickets for our shows. my phone buzzed with a text message. it was from jessie and it had her new address for school. i stared at the phone for a couple minutes thinking that address sounds awfully familiar.

so i sent anna a text and asked her what her address had been when we were at k-state. yep. turns out jessie is living in the same house that anna lived in for three years! random! (jessie also would up just a couple doors down from anna's dorm room in ford hall last year). i talked to jessie on the phone yesterday. i was telling her all the great memories i have in that hose. its where anna hosted my personal shower. we spent countless hours in her room talking and laughing and crying.

cassie and erica subleased it one summer, the first summer jeremy and i were dating. i stayed with them one weekend to go to a wedding in manhattan with jeremy. thats where i told my girlfriends that i got my first kiss! i remember sitting on the couch with cassie and erica telling them, then calling anna before she left for turkey and telling her.

WEIRD! i love that its where jessie will spend te next year. its a great house and close to campus and aggieville. yay!

sometimes i really miss manhattan and being in college. especially when we are working and paying bills and all that nonsense. college is such a great time in a person's life. i remember when i started school my dad told me that he could see me being a career student. if i had the money i think he would be right. theres still lots of things out there i want to learn!


Darci Koci said...

Shane had a few stories to tell about the house too! We got her moved in last night, well mostly. I think she still has a few things back here in Topeka. Our little Jessie is growing up fast!

niKnox said...

This is awesome! That house has so much history and legacy - I am SO glad she is there. I lived in the back room with the red hallway - I wonder if the hallway to the room is still red. Will you get to go visit her there? You are such a great sister in law!