Thursday, August 20, 2009

foot in mouth

after my post yesterday where i said something about my strange across the hall neighbors something happened that makes me feel really bad.

when i left the house to go running yesterday afternoon there was a gift bag on our front door handle with a card attached. it was one of those emergency flashlight radio things and the note was from the across the hall people. it said "we keep missing you and just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. hope you enjoy this and don't let the sign on the door scare you."

now i feel like a horrible judgmental person. but the sign is weird and i'm still going to post a picture. i was going to take one this morning but the wife (or caregiver??? still not sure about the family dynamics over there) was leaving at the same time as me.

so apparently i won't be needing my renn stick (baseball bat) after all because they are nice neighbors. and who gives housewarming gifts any more anyways? thats awesome!

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Anonymous said...

From what I can tell...your foot probably fits in your mouth. Now, as far as your "strange neighbors" don't think that when people read your blog that they don't think you are a tad strange? Who gives a shit about the wet food you feed your silly cats? And I am pretty sure I was the skinny guy in the "kahakis" on the treadmill...would it ever occur to someone such as yourself that maybe being that thin is a little embarrassing and I thank God you didn't get a picture of me and post it on your blog...cheers.