Wednesday, August 5, 2009

news of the day

my third day of work was great. yesterday and today were showings of snow white for kids. we had tons of kids (and their parents) show up so the lobby was noisy and crowded and i loved it. most of the girls showed up wearing disney princess costumes... cutest thing ever.

great news: anna is buying her ticket to come stay with me at the end of august. we will get to see justin play in lowell and i can take her to show(s) at the palace! (also, happy birthday anna!)

greater news (sorry anna!): jeremy had his phone interview with the FA he wants to transfer with on monday, 4pm my time, 1pm his. YAY! finally! we are super excited about this and hopefully he gets the job (why wouldnt he - he is amazing after all).

our stuff gets here on friday and ste marie's is letting me park the PODS there for free overnight. and mark and lanelle volunteered to help me unload it so jeremy wouldnt have to fly out for a day to unload then fly back. they are pretty amazing friends!

tomorrow is a full day of work, no shows, but i am learning how to do daily reports etc so i will hopefully stay busy.

today's only bad news: my run this afternoon sucked. but i did it, and thats the important thing!

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