Monday, August 24, 2009

still waiting

no kittens yet. thats fine with me. i would love if jeremy was here for the birth. i also think it would be great if cricket and scarlet could meet before scarlet turns from attention whore sweet cat to protective mama cat. she is so freaking pregnant though. sheesh. i was worried about her this weekend - it got pretty warm in our apartment on saturday night. she was panting and carrying on - i wasnt sure if it was labor or heat but since there are no kittens i guess it was the heat.

im buying wet food this afternoon because she needs to pack on the pounds. she is SO skinny. like zero body fat. if she has a big litter i dont know how she can feed them all.

today is the first day of school at k-state. i miss college sometimes! glad that cable is being installed before the football season starts!

i had a great tie last night. mark and lanelle drove up and came to a show at the palace then back to the apartment to meet scarlet and eat taco soup. the show was fun and it was great to see an actual show at the theatre. it was also nice to see mark and lanelle again since it had been a while!

things i am waiting on:
cable/internet installation
baseball game on wednesday

what are you waiting on?

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annaO said...

I'm coming! I'll be there soon! I'm so excited.