Sunday, August 2, 2009

bostonian for a day

what a great weekend I had! mark and lanelle picked me up on friday night for a sleepover at their house. we left saturday morning for massachussetts. first, we stopped at nick's famous roast beef for sandwiches. nick's has a bumper sticker that people take with them places and take photos of themselves holding it. then they email the pictures to nick's and there is a giant tv that cycles the pics for us to watch while we ate. we saw the picture that marks bro-in-law and nieces took, with tons of other fun and crzy pictures too.

then, we went to the same brother-in-law's house, and i got to meet mark's sister, annette, her husband milt and their two daughters. we went to the pond and the dogs went swimming with some new friends. sam was busy fetching his stick. there was another retriever there who occasionally would help sam. seeing those two dogs swimming next to each other, each holding half a stick in his mouth, was one of the funniest things i have seen in a while.

we made chili and played apples to apples and rock band. of course, there was a red sox game on so i tried to act interested for awhile. (i really am trying to enjoy watching baseball on tv but im guessing i still have a ways to go.)

sunday morning we drove into boston to go to church at parkstreet church. the first anti-slavery speech in america was made on the front steps of this church. they are celebratingtheir 200th anniversary this month. crazy! we went on a whirlwind tour of boston, including brunch at fanieul hall, driving through the harvard campus (i went to hahvahd!!), and stopping to walk along the inner harbor. it was great. there were street performers and crowds. it reminded me a little bit of the promenade in santa monica. cambridge reminded me of the neighborhood my friend becca's parents live in in columbia, mo. of course, on the way home we stopped for dunkin as a pick me up. can't go more than a day without a dunkin visit!


Becca said...

cambridge is like COMO... interesting. I'll have to check that out someday. Congratulations on your job...which sounds sooo cool!

mommy said...

good luck tomorrow babe. glad you had fun in bahston. i love you.

Fair Weather Runner said...

ohhh it sounds like you are having such a good time! i want to come come visit and play.