Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the pros and cons

things i love about our new apartment:
multiple bedrooms
cheap rent
ceiling fans in every room
locked building with interior stairwells
back porch
clothes line
proximity to downtown/my job
built-in china cabinet
huge kitchen
HUGE master bedroom
local landlords that actually care
lots of big windows with shades
great water pressure
built-in bathroom storage
close to multiple parks, hospital, fire station, etc. great 'hood!

things i don't care for:
shallow kitchen sink with short faucet
no disposal
not enough kitchen cabinets or counter space
weird bathroom door
small shower
no air con (only a big problem about 6 weeks a year)
strange across the hall neighbor (at least i assume he is strange. i've never seen him. he has rules posted on his door though. that's strange.)
front door lock sometimes SUPER hard to unlock (and sometimes really easy. and the key doesnt always turn the same way to open it. really weird)
ugly carpet and linoleum

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Fair Weather Runner said...

ugly carpet solution, get pretty rugs! Pottery Barn usually has cute ones on sale. That's what I did when Ed and I lived in our Topeka apt. Also, please post said neighbor's rules. I have GOT to see these.

I miss you too Meggers!! :( Maybe one day I'll run the Boston marathon (sigh, HA) and I'll need a place to stay. Or maybe I'll just come visit. Or maybe you, me, and Krish should take a trip to Maui.