Saturday, August 8, 2009

had a bad day again...

yesterday was moving in day. sounds exciting right? jeremy forwarded me the emailfrom PODS saying they would be delivering it between 730 and 1030 am. Both times they came to our apt in LA they were early. i figured that might be the case here too, so i set my alarm for 530 and got a good nights sleep.

in the morning i woke up, took out the trash and recycling (arent you proud jeremy?), deflated the air mattress and packed up some of the folding furniture mark and lanelle let me borrow so they could take it home with them. then i sat around the house (on the floor no less) and waited. for nine and a half hours. apparently there was a "miscommunication" between the call center and the drivers. he thought he was scheduled for 630-930pm. so he wound up delivering our PODS at 4. mark and lanelle were wonderful. they brouht sam over and helped me unload the thing for three hours. we got all my stuff into the apartment then ate pizza and relaxed.

this morning i woke up at 5am after going to sleep after midnight. i almost couldnt fall back asleep. so the day didnt start out on a very good note. i unpacked stuff all morning. i have unloaded tons of boxes. i know that we will need some other storage something in our kitchen, but other than that our apartment is fitting all of our stuff wonderfully! i havent found the hardware for our bed yet, but i have assembled an ikea chair and will start on the guest bed shortly. apparently i can be quite when i need to be. :)

today when the guy came to pick up our empty pods he couldnt because there was a car parked too close to the spot our pods was in. honestly, i dont even know how the driver got out of the car. if he had parked 6 inches over, they could have taken it no problem. since they didnt, we have to leave it in the church parking lot til monday, when i only had permission to have it there til today. i hope they arent mad!

long day and i have some righteous bruises and achy muscles from yesterday. early to bed for me tonight!

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