Tuesday, August 4, 2009

first day

my first day of work was great. i started by filling out all that pesky paperwork and reading my employee handbook. then, the training began! i learned the phone system (sort of) and how to sell tickets. today is snow white for kids and there are two shows. i am working during both of them (with a few hours off in between) so we will see how i like show chaos. im guessing i will like it alot.

the girls i met that i will be working with are great - super nice. so far so good. yay! so far the only negative thing i've found is that working tonight's show means i can't go on the group run with the runner's alley folks. :( but i do have an idea for a nice long run that i will attempt after i get home tonight...

jeremyshould hear today or tomorrow about his transfer. you're probably sick of hearing me that, but im guessing not as sick as i am of saying it. its just really hard to get a solid answer.

if you are on twitter and are interested, follow @palacetheatre. you can see all the shows we are doing and if there have been any recent ghost sightings. :D

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