Thursday, August 6, 2009

lavar? noooooo!

i heard today that reading rainbow is going off the air at the end of the month. honestly, i almost cried. we didnt have tv in our house growing up, but whenever i stayed the night at grammers house i always watched reading rainbow (and young and the restless, but thats a whole other blog post). i cant believe it has lost funding and backing necessary to stay on the air. my kids will never have jordie suggesting and reading books to them. what is the world becoming????

first week of work is complete. i have tomorrow off because our PODS is arriving and i will be VERY busy unpacking. mark and lanelle (and i think some of mark's friends) are coming to help. i bought extra coffee creamer and lots of beer tonight so i am ready for tomorrow. come what may. it should be delivered in the morning, which is great. it means we have all day to unload it, then they will come pick it up on saturday and i will have all my stuff and all weekend to unpack and nest. back to work on monday. next week's children's theater offering is suessical the musical which is more gender neutral than snow white, so tues and wed will be super busy which is great.

i made a goal this week (wed-tues) to run (and walk) ten miles. so far i have run two, yesterday, and technically walked two more walking home from work but i didnt track them with my garmin so they wont show up on my goals page. tomorrow will be a long tiring day so im guessing sun and tues will be long run days in order to meet my goal. after i start actually making money (first payday is next week, i think im going to LOVE weekly paychecks!) i need new running shoes. mine are falling apart.

if you are buying new running shoes and throwing away the old ones, think about sending them to my friend beka, the fair weather runner. you can see why here. she's got several posts about the shoe drive, as well as a link on the sidebar. her other, non-shoe drive related posts are pretty funny too, so enjoy.

p.s. beka, do you want ratty old shoes or just newish ones? when my stuff gets here tomorrow i will have two extra pairs but they are rather worn... ???


Fair Weather Runner said...

MEGGER! i hope you are having a good PODS unloading day. i would say send me just one pair of shoes, the least worn. you rock!! thanks for the shout out. heart!!

mommy said...

poor rafe..... call me loveyoubye