Monday, August 10, 2009

more waiting? seriously?

jeremy had his phone interview for the potential transfer today. it went well, but we won't know anything until friday or monday. so more waiting, and basically im never going to see him again. its been 35 days and this sucks. it'll be prolly at least two more weeks at best until he'shere, and thats if he gets the job friday and they want him to start right away. he'll still have to drive here.

today was our last day in our apartment in LA so he is sleeping on lance and kris's couch at least until they get back from their trip this weekend. cricket is hanging out there too since their dogs are staying somewhere else while they are gone.

ive got all the boxes unpackedand at least one room ready to go. our office needs the most work right now. it was so great to sleep on a real bed last night with my sheets and pillows. YAY! i rode my bike to work today. i need to air the tires (which means i need to find the pump) so i wont be riding it until then again. there is a pretty good hill - i was winded and slightly sweaty when i got to work this morning. i also got honked at by a school bus of all people. seriosuly? i was in the slow lane, obeying traffic laws and wearing a helmet. there was another lane, so go around if you dont want to go as slow as me, but people arent supposed to ride their bikes on the sidewalk so honk all you want but I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE. i was very annoyed. can you tell?

this week'skids show is suessical the musical and we are almost sold out for both morning shows, which is great, but it means tomorrow morning and wednesday morning will be super busy and crazy. thats good though - time passes more quickly and there more to learn as problems arise. loving my new job.

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