Tuesday, July 14, 2009

your friend meaghan, local celebrity

yesterday lanelle and i took sam running at livingston park around dorrs pond. it was a mile loop, and we were planning on going around twice. sam and i were a little bit ahead of lanelle, so while we were waiting he jumped in the pond to cool off and fetch his stick. lanelle caught up and a man approached us asking if he could take some photos of sam for the paper. lanelle agreed and we gave him our names. he also staged some pictures of us running on the trails through the park. we made page 2 of the union leader today! this was the picture he used. great facial expressions huh?

i was trying to act natural. i have a couple copies of the paper, one for me, one for my parents, and one extra for something.

i've lived in new hampshire for a week and i am already a local celebrity. fun huh?

we went to the dog park tonight. sam had a blast. there were tons of dogs running around. a couple owners had their dogs running through the agility training course but mostly the dogs just chased each other. hilarious. the bourgeoises know all of the dogs and owners so i got to meet some dog park friends. i dont think i will ever be taking cricket there though. some of those dogs were big bullies and they could eat her in one bite. :D

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