Thursday, July 9, 2009

day 3

i was greeted at the airport by friends of my parents. mark and lanelle have opened their home to meand have been showing me around nashua and manchester. lanelle is a real estate aent so she took me out today looking at rentals. i think we found one but havent signed anything yet so nothing is set in stone.

i have been applying for jobs and looking online. so far no one has called me back but i am trying to remain optimistic. thats the nitty gritty...

the fun stuff.

i am majorly in love with new england. it has been rainy and cool and we went trail running and apartment hunting and walking around the town. my new family has a dog named sam and hes great, especially since i am majorly missing cricket.

the towns aare rural and friendly and i have already been to my first fish fry at their church. it was great (duh!). i have been introduced to the wonders of dunkin donuts iced coffee and my new mantra: yankees suck. go red sox!

we watch jeopardy every night and see who can guess the answers first. sam sits next to me on the couch and keeps me warm. tonight we sat on the back porch with the chiminea and talked - it was lovely.

there is so much more to say but i am still trying to process everything. i will try to keep you all posted on the apartment/job/possible car search. your prayers and thoughts are appreciated!

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