Monday, July 6, 2009

(almost) final goodbyes

sunday morning we served at church for my last time. the music was amzing, the message was great and it made me sad because i dont think i will be able to find a church like mosaic in new hampshire. after church sarah had arranged a picnic. jeremy and i ate lunch with sarah, sandra and lynn. it was really nice and the day was the perfect socal day sunny with a gentle breeze, not too hot. sarah walked us to our car. its funny how saying goodbye to someone i didnt even know existed three years ago could be so hard. she has been a great friend and leader and im gonna miss her!

sunday night jeremy and i went down to hollywood & higland for our last date. w

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e ate shabu shabu then went over to uwink, this bar and grill place where you order everything from individual touch screen computers and just pay with your credit card - selfswiped! - and you can play games, both individually and with other patrons, from the computers too. i had gone before with missy but jeremy had never been. we had a great time doing that.

when we got home from our date it started to hit me that this was the last real quality time i was going to get to spend with jeremy for a long long time. i had a (small) breakdown and he even got a little teary. cricket was flipping out the entire time because i was packing my suitcases and she knows that means something bad for her is about to happen.

today i did more packing and some cleaning and ran my final errands. turned in all my books at the library - that was a sad trip! i was realy glad my favorite librarian, david, was there so i could say goodbye to him. doug and christine brought baby jade over for about 45 minutes (it was a mess getting here and i am so thankful christine stuck it out and came anyway). it was great to spend a little more time with them before we leave. cricket loves babies so she was happy jade came over too. they are planning an adventure themselves so next time we are in la they will prolly already be gone to texas.

i have about 12 hours left in california...

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new hampshire here i come!

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