Friday, July 24, 2009

eager anticipation

today jeremy should hear something about his transfer. maybe not a definite yes or no, but something. yesterday i got a phone call from a fun sounding place to come in for an interview on monday. i'm still anxious about the first position i interviewed for - i would really like to work there!

right now i am waiting for the magic window of the ups delivery man. he will be here between 10:30 and 2 and he is bringing me a new coffeemaker! jeremy called the other day and said one of the casulties of our move would be our coffemaker. we got it as a wedding gift (or with wedding gift cards, i can't remember which) so we'vebeen using it for over four years. it was just a simple drip coffee pot. well, he went to change the filter the other day and found long slimy strands of mold growing throughout the entire thing. yum. we've been drinking that for who knows how long.

so i went on amazon to look for a new pot. ones similar to ours were about $30ish. then i saw one that grinds the beans for you AND has a timer so the coffee can be ready when we wake up in the morning. it was normally priced at $150 and on sale for $65. AND i had $25 in amazon gift cards, so for $40 the new fancy coffeemaker is MINE! woo hoo! i've been making tea or walking to dunkin for my morning caffeine and will be so glad to have a coffeemaker again! (in case any of you are worried about jeremy, he has a french press that we use while camping AND a coffee maker at work so he is set.)

in other news, my dad joined twitter. that's fun. i like having all my family on my social networking sites. (most all the aboods are on facebook and i likey.)

i am anxiously awaiting the delivery so i can go buy coffee and filters and go to my new favorite library. and maybe run, if it stops raining. big day, huh?

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annaO said...

You wanna come help me paint this weekend?