Monday, July 27, 2009

Haven't seen that in a while!

you really can't tell from this picture, but the rain was actually moving sideways and in swirls. it almost looked like a hurricane. we were in rite-aid and the power went out. lots of thunder and lightning...

lanelle came over and we made tea and worked on a 3D puzzle she gave me. i am making some serious progress on it. there was a ton of water and dirt inside from the crazy rain, and she helped me clean all that up too... what a good friend. she even let me sing to her to fill the quiet. thats a seriously good friend - i mean, have you heard me sing?

my interview today went really well and i have a second interview with the same company tomorrow afternoon. i am super excited about it! if i get a job, even if jeremy's transfer doesnt work out (which would be sad for the FA who would be hiring him because jeremy is amazing and knows his job inside and out) then he and cricket can come and our family can be reunited. YAY!

and we can organize our apartment and start having guests! (like maybe anna at the end of august for one of justin's shows. woot woot!)


annaO said...

i have heard you sing and she must be a great friend! :) Love you and can't wait to visit!!

Sarah said...

Rain! Oh how I love the rain! You new place sounds so lovely, and I am really happy for you. It seems you are really getting settled! And I am still praying for jobs for the two of you!