Sunday, July 19, 2009

ste marie's, tennis, computer games

thats the extent of what i have done today. got up this morning and went to mass at the local catholic church. it is about a three minute walk. the outside of the building is beautiful; we've driven past it many times. the inside is even better. the ceiling is done in pastels and there is stained glass everywhere. the homily, by father marcel, was good. all in all, it was a nice sunday morning, even if i didnt get the chance to meet many of my neighbors like i was hoping.

after i ate lunch, lanelle came and picked me up and we went to manchester west high shool to play tennis. we didnt actually play a match, just hit the ball back and forth. it has been a long time since the last time jeremy and i went and played tennis!

i spent most of the afternoon on the computer, catching up on various things and playing some computer games. i also completed last sunday's crossword puzzle. i know - super exciting stuff right?

tonight i am finishing interview with a vampire (kinda stupid but i feel like i should finish it after watching 2/3 of it - also antonio "be still my heart"banderas's character was JUST introduced so the movie has gotten better) and eating. doing lots of eating. i bought some good snacks!

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