Sunday, July 26, 2009

gotta love the corner market!

i have spent the last two days in the apartment, venturing out to the corner market for some ground beef (and finding frozen pupusas - joy!) or to mass this morning again. (i preferred father marcel's homily last week although the infant baptism was something i have never seen before, or at least don't remember ever seeing). i was surprised to see that the songbook had vineyard and hillsong songs in it but they were not among the chosen songs for this morning. maybe they are sung during the later service or the saturday night service?

after church i was starving and ate leftover mac and cheese then went for a run. i ran nowhere near the four miles i apparently am capable of, but today was much more humid than tuesday night and i felt like i was swimming through soup. it is supposed to storm tonight, and it definitely feels heavy in the air.

jeremy has our PODS all packed and it is on its way to me! it is currently scheduled to arrive on august 7. still not sure if he will be here by then or not. i have an interview tomorrow morning, and he should hopefully hear back from the home office regarding the potential transfer. yippee! i hate waiting, but i feel like i am doing a lot of it lately. i believe inigo montoya said it best when he said, "waiting. i hate waiting." he also had his first pink's hot dog yesterday, a privelege (or misfortune) which i never had the chance to experience. he said it was...wait for it... "fair at best."

i watched the first disc of alias season 5 yesterday, i watched the first four seasons on tv and for some reason missed the fifth (and final) season. it is very dramatic. sydney is super pregnant and i'm just not sure how she could still be a spy. wouldnt the bad guys just start to look for the pregnant girl with a bad wig? i believe jennifer garner was actually pregnant during at least some of the filming of this season with baby violet so it makes since for sydney to be pregnant too (hard to hide the bump in skintight spy suits) but no so much to be going on missions. but a spy sitting at home crocheting doesnt make for very interesting television programming either.

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