Friday, July 17, 2009

first night

i am spending my first night on our new apartment tonight. i have internet thanks to someone in the hood who didnt secure their wireless access. i have a little bit of furniture and screenson the windows (and many other things) thanks to mark and lanelle - two of the most giving and generous people i have ever met. i have food and drink thanks to jeremy still working in california. i have no cockroaches in my kitchen thanks to god and a gas stove with lit pilot lights thanks to myself.

i have a lot to be thankful for.

its also been a frustrating few days. lanelle and i have been running lots of errands and exercising and doing all sorts of other fun things together. meeting them has been essential to me enjoying my new life so far in new hampshire. im so glad my dad made the connections for me.

i'm frustrated with myjob search. i got a phone call from a recruiter today and i was really excited until i found out the position was in california. not so much helpful then. jeremy has an internal phone interview on monday morning with the possibility of getting a transfer out here which would be wonderful (i would get my husband, my cat and all my stuff back sooner rather than later!) but a little bit defeating for me since i have been here pounding the pavement for two weeks and havent even received a phone call. i am qualified and capable to perform each and every job i have applied for and there is a good job market in manchester and the surrounding areas. people like me (in general. there are a few notable exceptions, none of whom are hiring managers at any businesses in new hampshire or even live in new england at all) and i get along with most people, at least in a business setting. i know if i could just get that interview, i could get the job. i'm good at interviewing.

in the mean time, i have a couple of unpaid things i am working on which could someday turn into money making experiences but for now are just for fun. but that doesnt get me anywhere closer to family reunification.

anyways, i went on an hour walk around my new hood this evening. i like it. quieter than la, lots more neighborhood-ish feelings, lots of parks and running water. when new hamsters say a river, they dont mean the la river. they mean a real river. and i like it.


mommy said...

i wish i was there with you. i am sad you are all alone. i cant wait for jeremy and cricket to get there. soon baby soon. i love you babe and am praying for you. call me if you get scared--- even if its the middle of the nite.

Fair Weather Runner said...

MEGGERS! i've been MIA from all things internet. but HEY you in NH! it sounds wonderful and hard but amazing all the same. hang in there.

did kris ever get you your FWR shirt?