Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new address

we officially have a new address. i emailed it out to several people. if you didnt get it, thats because you arent in my yahoo address book - nothing personal i promise! and for obvious reasons i dont want to post it here but let me know if you need it and i can try to email it to you or send it via facebook etc.

weve been setting up the apartment but i still havent slept there yet. last night we went to massachussetts to go to trader joes. i felt right at home (except for the super wide aisles) and got a bunch of good stuff for the pantry. no liebfraumilch though. boo.

i imagine i will sleep there soon but im having fun staying with mark and lanelle. we have a great deal going - i make dinner and do laundry and they show me all of the wonderful things new hampshire has to offer. mutually benefical arrangement.

the job search is still on. i am really really missing jeremy and cricket. i talk to jeremy several times a day but it just isnt enough. :( as soon as i can find a job he can get on the road out here. being down to one income right now is hard enough so ther eis no way he could quit his job there before i find something here...

i miss all my peoples in california. a lot. i even miss working. i like schedules and knowing what to expect everyday and having things planned out days in advance. this break is starting to feel less like a vacation and more like im slacking off, even though i am making phone calls and sending resumes out everyday. very frustrated!

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Becca said...

I'd love to have your new address! Maybe send it via facebook?