Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sometimes, i amaze even myself

yesterday i went for my first group run with the fine folks at runner's alley. i have been in the store a couple of times and figured this was a great way to meet new people and inspire myself to run farther and faster. they go on a four mile route every tuesday evening. i showed up at the store a little before 6 (after calling first to make sure they were still running in the misty rain) and met the two other runners and stephanie, the store manager. i had talked with her on monday and knew she would be there. off we went down elm street, which is the main street that runs through downtown manchester and into a residential area.

i was really wanting to impress my new running buddies, and they set an easy pace,so i wound up running the entire four miles*. thats right - you read it here first. i have never ever ever run that far before. ive gone that distance, but always with stopping and walking. this is a mile farther than my previous longest distance. AND my third mile was my fastest of the four. i have found it a little easier to run in nh because there is enough humidity that im not dried out a half mile into my run, but not enough where i feel like i am running through soup.

i guess running is a lot more mind over matter like "they" say. and i always knew i was stubborn, but did NOT know i was this stubborn. i am insanely proud of myself - and you should be proud of me too!

we are still waiting to hear from our jobs - jeremy plans on calling his people today to check up and i checked in yesterday. hopefully we know something soon to share with you all!

*disclaimer: we did stop at stoplights to wait for the crosswalk. but everyone had to stop, so i wasnt holding the group back or anything. and it averaged about one stoplight per mile, so it wasnt like we were stopping every few seconds or anything. just in the interest of being honest, i technically didnt run it straight without stopping. but i think i could have.


Josh said...

Dude, I'm stoked for you. Its totally mind over matter, and when that fact hits home, I feel its rather freeing. Good job! Should come run a half/full Marathon in the desert sometime!

mommy said...

you amaze me too for more reasons than one. loveyou

Fair Weather Runner said...

YYAAAAYYY Meggers! That is awesome. So proud of you. I've often been surprised with my running, when I just go for it, even if I think I can't do it, I am usually surprised! GOOD JOB!!