Thursday, July 2, 2009

last wednesday in los angeles

the girls at work took me out to luch one final time. we went to olive garden, always a winner. our server was mildly cute and had a really nice voice and cara and karla were giggling the entire meal. it was like returning to junor high and i loved every second. i was finisheing up things at work and it was nice to get away for an hour or so and just laugh together.
last night we went to my final scene, the live production team meeting for mosaic. israel cooked great food, we hung out, and after the scene was officially over we busted out the hookah. israel had never tried it before and wanted jeremy to bring it over some time.
i got to see doug and jade for maybe the last time, and everyone else. it was once again a bittersweet time. they gave us a great card with some really beautiful things written in it. we are so lucky to have found this community here.
i love you all!

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