Saturday, July 11, 2009

all the news that is the news

this afternoon i sign our rental agreement for our new apartment in manchester. once everything with that is finalized, i will email everyone our new address. jeremy is still at our north hollywood address in case you desperately want to send us stuff in the mail. :)

yesterday we spent the day exploring the mountains in northern new hampshire. from about an hour away from our new home, we can be camping, fishing, canoeing, etc in the mountains and mountain lakes and ponds. there are 200+ lakes in new hampshire and waterfalls, ponds, rivers, etc everywhere. very different from living in the desert! we went on a hike into greeley pond. tragedy: about a quarter mile in, i slipped and fell into a stream we were crossing and dropped the camera into the water. i'm recharging the battery and i opened it all up and let it dry overnight. im going to try putting it all together and seeing if it works, but i imagine our camera is toast. so i will only be able to post pictures from my phone for a while which sucks, but oh well. there were some cute pictures on there i wanted to share, including a picture of me and sam on my first covered bridge.

still trying to find a job. i sent in my resume yesterday to a place i really really really want to work at and will call them on monday to see if they want to meet me. it is in manchester and easy to get to on the bus route so i wont need to buy a car like jeremy and i were thinking. i may be buying a new bike though which is kinda fun. then when jeremy brings the one we have with him we can go on bike rides together. there are great parks and bike trails in our new neighborhood.

anyways, thats all the news that is the news, at least for now.


Marlene said...

Hi Meaghan,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. My tattoo says "42.2" (# of kilometres in a marathon)


Mandy said...

I am excited to follow your adventures as you relocate out east. Praying for you that the Lord would provide you with a job quickly and that Jeremy (and Cricket) would be able to join you soon! Love you girl

mommy said...

are you close to the bridge? how about cornerstone baptist church? lyb