Monday, July 20, 2009

monday, monday

jeremy and i both had preliminary interviews today. we are each excited about the jobs we applied for and the job the other interviewed for. tomorrow will be an anxious day as we await phone calls to schedule the next interview. if jeremy has to have a face-to-face interview i will get to see him soon! as much as i would like that, it would be an expensive trip for a short time. anyways, things are starting to look up for us and our transition to nh!

lanelle came by today and we went to the manchester branch of her gym. we have now been to all three and i imagine that will be the gym that jeremy and i join because they have racquetball for him and a workout buddy and good classes for me. we took a strength class that was awesome and the hit the dreadmill for about 20 minutes. this was all after i spent a little over an hour walking around manchester, getting my library card and going to the post office. i really like the location of our apartment - we can walk to downtown manchester in 10-15 minutes, to the verizon wireless dome in about 20 and to parks and the library in about 10. of course, that is all walking distance - driving-wise we are super close to lots more stuff!

even thoguh i bought a bus pass i haven't used it yet. i just havent needed to. but once i need to go to the grocery store or target for something, i will get to test out the metro lines here. not nearly as extensive as la's, but i think they will work for what i need.

here's hoping jeremy and i get good phone calls tomorrow!


mommy said...

here's hoping indead. loveyoubabe

mommy said...

post a pic of the firemen :)

Fair Weather Runner said...

good luck on the call back interviews! glad krish got you the shirt, i hope it keeps you good company in NH! i wanna come visit you, it sounds like a delightful place to live!