Thursday, July 30, 2009

still waiting...

my second interview went really well.. i feel like i probably have the job, although it has not been officially offered. trying not to count on it yet. they should be calling soon and letting me know the salary, which also may affect my decision. but... i really want this job. the people seem amazing and it would be a lot of fun with some fun perks.

jeremy is still waiting to hear about his transfer.

i feel like all my blog posts say the same thing over and over. waiting and more waiting. right now i am waiting for my spanikopita that is in the oven to be finished baking so i can eat lunch. also waiting for it to be 6 so that lanelle can come pick me up for our baseball date tonight. manchester has a minor league (or triple a or something, i'm not sure all the levels of baseball stuff) team called the fisher cats. tonights game features post-game fireworks. woo hoo!

next friday the PODS is scheduled to arrive with all of our stuff in it. hopefully i have a husband scheduled to arrive around the same time! (and a cat!!!)

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