Friday, June 5, 2009

weekend in topeka

we spent memorial day weekend in auburn with shane, darci, the kids, and the rest of the family. my mom dropped us off in the afternoon. jeremy and i got the tour of his parents' old house where he grew up which shane and darci now own they have redone every room and it looks amazing! i love the red kitchen especially. grandma brinkman, dennis and vera, and jessie came over for dinner on saturday night. we ate koci steaks and pasta salad and bread from darci's bread machine with grandma koci's strawberry jam. oh it was good eatin', let me tell you! it was nice to see the brinkmans and hang out for a while after dinner. when they left we played with the kids (jeremy got soundly trounced in hi ho cherry o) and after their bedtime went downstairs to play cards and x-box. shane, jeremy and i stayed up defeating the universe until about 2 am when we decided we couldnt make it any longer.

sunday morning when we woke up, the kids were delighted to tell us that the momma cat had kittens right on the back porch. when we got up she had had four during the night, and during that day she had four more (only one didnt make it). they were possibly the littlest cutest things ever. i didnt think that cricket would want a baby brother or sister, but i asked jeremy just to make sure. he said no. i had promised andrew that we would play wii, so we went downstairs and raced some cows and played a few innings of baseball. that thing really wears me out when i'm not used to it. swinging the bat and bowling the ball use really strange muscles. i had also promised brooklyn that we would go swimming, so the three of us changed into our swimming suits and headed out to the driveway where the pool was sitting, warming up in the sunshine. well, the water wasnt quite warm enough for me, but it was wonderful to sit with my feet in the pool while the kids played. they were really fun to watch and didnt splash me TOO much. after pool time we went over to jeff and barb's house to see it and hang out with them for a little while before the big family campout. it was nice to see jeff's new house and spend a little more time with barb, since we barely had a chance to meet her last trip. we also met barb's daughter kelli, so now i know who jessie is always talking about. :)

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