Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sacred pathways tour part 1

'CoverCover of Sacred Pathways

after the live production team finished reading sacred pathways by gary thomas (a wonderful book that you should all read), shannon arranged a tour of los angeles where we could experience each of the 9 pathways.

we started the tour at the arboretum, where we explored the pathways of the naturalist and the ascetic. there were fields of flowers, peacocks, waterfalls, and tons of other things to see and experience. this (and the huntington library) are two wonderful ways to experience nature and god's creativity right in the middle of the city.

we were also told to spend about five minutes sitting still and in silence meditating on god. i chose to sit in an alcove slightly off the main path by a quiet fountain. it was a wonderful time of loving god in solitude and simplicity. the verse we were given to meditate on was psalm 46:10. "be still and know that i am god."

by the waterfall there was a series of steps that shannon challenged us to walk up, pausing on each one to think of some quality of god that we are thankful for. this was to explore the contemplative pathway, or loving god through adoration. here is some of what i came up with:





sense of humor









righteous anger


read psalm 63 and see what you come up with
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mommy said...

awesome awesome idea. i love it. i am glad you guys got to experience this. loveyoubabe

Fair Weather Runner said...

ummm, HECK YEAH you can. you are pretty much one of us anyway! and best behaviour, whatevs. that is certainly not needed around the gibson fam... well most of them.... chrip.... chirp...

i like the new bloggie look!!