Sunday, June 28, 2009

karaoke party time!

last night jeremy and i went out with some friends (mostly from work) to whiskey bend for some karaoke fun. ellen's fiancee jim was amazing on the microphone and he jumped up right away when the list opened. it took the rest of us a little longer to work up the nerve to go up to the stage. gaby was the first one to go of the girls, and i followed sometime after. she sang two different songs: ironic and whoomp there it is! i sang strawberry wine. the beatles were my back up singers, which was weird for a country song but worked out ok in the end. that was the longest four and a half minutes of my life. seriously. i am not a singer and too many of the other karaoke-ers were better than amateur level (and im not even close to amateur level) our final performance of the night was pretty woman. that used to be my favorite song to play on the jukebox at jimmy's diner. we were cracking up too much to actually sing the song but it was super fun. being on stage in a group is WAY better.

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