Thursday, June 25, 2009

sacred pathways tour part 2

we went to a womens shelter to serve lunch and explore the caregiver pathway, but unfortunately we arrived too late to help out. we did get a tour of the facility and were able to talk to a couple of the women and learn what they do and how they serve the needy in downtown la. after leaving there, we headed to olvera street for lunch and to explore the mystic and enthusiast pathways. i was very enthusiastic about my tamale and taquitos!

there was a group of dancers doing traditional indian dances in the courtyard. this was a great way to experience how the mystic and enthusiast are actually one and the same (the group decided there were two distinct parts to the pathway described in one chapter in the book).

after leaving olvera street, we headed to la city college to a gallery of political posters based on famous works of art. the two the spoke to me the most were the one based on a norman rockwell painting and one based on the thinker. sorry for the glare. the first one is the political art, and the second one is the original with a short explanation of each. if you click on the picture, it will enlarge and you might be able to read the text.

this one is basically a social commentary on the images the media is presenting to young girls and how messed up we are making them.

and of course the thinker... never the doer. especially appropriate for the pathways we illustrated by this stop on the tour: the intellectual and the activist.

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