Friday, June 5, 2009

memorial day camping

the koci family camps out by grandma and grandpa koci's pond every memorial day. i had come once with jeremy when we were dating, and then the next year we were on our honeymoon and the next years since we have been in los angeles. it was wonderful that we were able to time out trip this year to coincide with not only max's graduation but also the campout. it was SO much fun! we got out there sunday afternoon and set up our tent. we just shared jeff's old tent with shane and darci and the kids. the boys immediate went to get the boat and stuff for fishing. jeremy set me up with a pole and i caught three fish, one of which was the first bass of the night. like i've said before, i'll catch 'em but i'm not touching them or any live bait. thankfully shane was a good brother and helped me out.

jeremy and shane rowed out into the pond and jeremy came out with a total of eight or so little fishies to eat.
then all of them boys all went up to the house and cleaned the fish while the girls got dinner ready. trekker ride!

the fish were great. uncle mike cooked them on cedar planks with some yummy lemon something or other seasoning. we went to the sporting goods store when we got back to LA to buy cedar planks for our next camping trip, which is next weekend. yay! the girls took turns out in the paddleboat and we did a lot of sitting around the campfire. aunt tam and grandma made some apple pies for dessert, along with the obligatory smores. around 10pm or so i was exhausted and the kids were ready for bed, so everyone settled in for the night. everyone except jessie and paige, who talked until about 3am. or so i'm told, as i fell right asleep and didnt wake up until 6 something when my bladder said it was time to make a trip up to the house.

monday morning involved more fishing (i was quite unlucky on monday), some horseshoes, some horsing around, and funnel cake for breakfast. if i had known funnel cake was involved in koci camping i think we would have structured our past visits to kansas a little differently.
im just saying.

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