Monday, June 22, 2009


i didnt get any pictures of the ceremony this year. we held grad uation at night instead of 10am this year for the first time maybe ever but definitely since ive been at dubnoff. friday was an insane day, running around, working on setting up things outside (it was the hottest day we've had in over a month AND windy - yay for taping down all the tablcloths!), assembling the programs, etc. ceci was in charge - i was thankful to just do what she told me. we made it through. i missed most of the ceremony because i was helping cec set up the food. i got to hear the graduate's tahnk you speeches though. thats the kind of thing that makes everything we do all year feel worthwhile. nine kids are graduating - four with their diplomas and the other five with the potential to receive a diploma if they pass the high school exit exdam at some point in the next two years. at least one of our kids is going to college next year.

at the end of the ceremony, after everyone had eaten tri tip and coleslaw and a huge piece of graduation costco cake, we headed to the office bar and grill for a drinkie to celebrate the end of school. there were still several people who didnt know that i am leaving in a week and a half, so they were understandably sad about that. i am too. its such an exciting time but there are so many unknowns out there.

it isnt too dissimilar from some of our kids. when they graduate from dubnoff, a lot of them dont have the family support to help them get through college or tech school, may be incapable of holding down a job or even getting one, and a lot of the services they have been using to cope over the last 10 or more years are no longer available to them.

im leaving all my friends, my family (i dont think cricket is coming with me and jeremy is staying behind regardless), my job, my church, my gym, my routine... everything that is everything to me. being a creature of routine and not so much interested in change or spontanaeity, especially without jeremy with me. so im graduating from dubnoff and from los angeles and heading into the great beyond.

new hampshire here i come! (in 14 days)

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