Thursday, June 4, 2009

final days in wichita

on friday of our trip to kansas, we spent the entire day just hanging out with the fam. my dad and jeremy took my mom's car to get it fixed while i went for a run with murray. the five of us went out to lunch at hu hot mongolian bbq. it was yummy. a great cheap place to eat if you live in wichita (21st and rock in the best buy strip mall).

my mom and i didi a little shopping and we headed home to cook out on the grill. after a delicious dinner of steaks and all the trimmings, jeremy, me and my mom met ed and beka at oeno's for drinkies and fun. it was great to see beka again (once every other year really sucks) and to meet ed, my new hero. starting tomorrow he is riding a bike all the way across the state of kansas. im pretty impressed. 15 miles on the bike and i cant sit for a week. laura and joe came too and we had a great time. jeremy snuck me into the men's bathroom to show me an ad flashing on the mirror in there. the girl in the ad was wearing a dress he thought i would look good in. he's so sweet. i felt awfully naughty sneaking into the bathroom - the last men's room i have been in was in high school when we were absolutely obsessed with taking photos in the bathroom (just to clarify NOT of anyone actually using the bathroom ever).

we made plans to run together on saturday morning but i set my alarm wrong and didnt wake up in time. :( it was all good. after sleeping in we packed and loaded up the car so my mom could take us to topeka. we saw the same dead cow on the way to topeka that we had seen on the way to wichita from kansas city. my mom was very concerned that the farmer didnt check on his cows often enough. it was really really gross.

you just dont see stuff like that in california.

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