Sunday, June 28, 2009

final ochsner barbecue

last tuesday night we had a barbecue at lance and kris's house. kris's sister was in town and so was alicia. we had a great time cooking out, hanging out, and feeling good. we played round robin ping pong again, which is always a winner. i got to spend a little special time with owen. this was my second to last time to see him before i leave since the stellers left to go back to virginia and wont return until after the 7th.
kim, alicia and i got a little bit crazy, as usual. they had to leave early to take alicia to the airport to return home... :( it was great to spend time with her at the bbq and at the beach on sunday though.

i love our friends here so much and gonig to miss each and every one of them like crazy when i leave... in 9 days! eek!
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annaO said...

I can't believe you're holding Kim's hair! Well...I guess it is attached to her head still.