Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bike fail

on monday when i left work i got on my bike and realized something was wrong. the chain had derailed and pedaling wasnt doing anything to help get me home. i called jeremy to tell him while i walked my bike back to our apartment. there is nothing so sad as seeing some loser walk down the sidewalk, pushing a bike. monday night was gym night, so jeremy and i were at the gym forever (ok it was closer to 3 hours than forever). completely forgot about my bike.

yesterday jeremy planned on driving me because i had to bring a cake and my cake box for prom cake decorating. so this morning, at 6:55 when i was leaving the house, i had no memory of my bike being broken. i carried it down the stairs, strapped on my bike helmet, and tried to go. oops. then i realized i had locked myself out of the apartment and had to get jeremy out of bed to let me in, then beg him to drive me to work so i wouldnt be late for turning off the alarms. he, being the amazing husband that he is, agred and got some shoes and brought me to work.

now i sit here, trying to keep my eyeballs propped open, aching all over, but most specifically my abs and thighs (thank you to joelle for your kick ass step sculpt class), wondering if i will remember to remind jeremy to fix my bike when we get home tonight. i do not know how to fix anything on my bike and bike chains kinda scare me. ive gotten pinched one too many times. i am very thankful i married such a handy guy.

having to drag him out of bed in the morning if we both forget about the bike again would be sad.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

you guys are hardcore gym rats! haha. three hours?! wow. here is your reminder... FIX YOUR BIKE TONIGHT MEGGERS! hope that helps.