Sunday, June 14, 2009

camping with the sandbergs

we took a quick overnighter out in the angeles forest with ryan and sarah (and their dog kia), some of our favorite camping buddies. it was so refreshing for all of us to spend some time out under the stars (and actually be able to see the stars) in the cold moutain air. we tried a bunch of new things this trip. jeremy and i made dinner - chicken cooked on a cedar plank. we got the idea from uncle mike wen we were in kansas over memorial day. i marinated the chicken in orange juice and garlic and it was amazing (if i do say so myself). we also had steamed vegetables (aunt tam made them in kansas too) and baked beans. the sandbergs brought desert - an ice cream maker ball. we loaded the ingredient in there and took turns shaking and rolling the ball for a half hour and then - like magic - delicious chocolate chip ice cream. as an after dessert specialty they brought a jiffy pop and we made ice cream. it was great! we played catchphrase in our tent - it was getting a little chilly outside, even by the fire.

on saturday we woke up, had our eggs in a bag and then played a few rounds of ladderball while smoking cigars.

the girls team put up a good fight but were defeated best out of three games. we moved on to the rope swing and kia had a great time chasing us around. sarah brought all kinds of goodies for lunch (including rhubarb cake which i didnt think i was going to like but was DELICIOUS) and we made snack packs for the car. they had rehearsal at noon so we left earlier in the morning than usual. even though we were gone for less than 24 hours, we came back happier and semi-well rested. sleeping on the ground in 40 degree weather just doesnt make for the best sleeping conditions. thankfully we had a free afternoon and after showering had a delicious nap in a real bed in a (sort-of) climate controlled space. cricket was happy to have us home!

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Sarah said...

Kia slept for like 12 hours straight when we got home. I think she was more tired than Ryan & I! We love camping with you guys!! :)