Saturday, June 6, 2009

final days in topeka

after we headed home on memeorial day from the campout and had showered (some of us RAN home and others drove...) we ate lunch and then jeremy and i drove back over to grandma and grandpas house so that grandpa could take us out to see the shane 80. aunt gertrude was otu with grandma helping her pick strawberries when we pulled up. those women sure harvested a TON of strawberries!

jeremy always talks about the land his grandparents own but i had never been out there. we got to see the old barn and some of them cows. i thought the cows were all really adorable and wanted to pet them but jeremy said no. i settled for taking a couple of fun pictures.

these are all the mama cows due in the fall. they didnt look too pregnant (and i certainly have NO authority on what a pregnant cow looks like) but they were pleasant company. i couldnt get too close but grandpa drove the truck right into their area and no one ran away. and they had cool hair. on our way back home we saw the marples out fixing a fence. it was great to run into family everywhere we went. :)

monday night we cooked out at shane and darci's. jeremy's best friend from high school and his wife emily and their two kids came over along with barb and jeff and jessie. we shot clay pigeons with shotguns and then a target with rifles and handguns. i didnt do too much shooting because it was hurting my poor baby ears (that still have random shooting pains in the inner ear from whatever problems i was having months ago that never completely resolved) but i did try the shotgun and one of the handguns. it was really fun. the burgers etc were really good too and it was fun to see casey and emily again.

tuesday morning grandma and grandpa drove us to kansas city. we stopped at ryan and amy's hosue to see them and we all went out to lunch before we had to head to the airport and back to california. it was a wonderful trip but i was SO ready to be back home sleeping in my own bed with my baby cat... :D

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Fair Weather Runner said...

oh real live cows and guns. i heart it. so kansas! haha.

thanks for the comments, i feel hard core. i told kris she would LOOOOVVVE doing a trail run, so you need to find a trail 5k for the two of you to do and get her butt in gear!

ed's BAK day one is up and going on my blog. it is quite a tale. today was a little less eventful, but he already finished for today so i'll post that later tonight. tell mama abood she can go check it out!!