Thursday, June 25, 2009

sacred pathways tour part 3

sensate: loving god with the senses, literally sight, sounds and smells that overwhelm us in worship
traditionalist: loving god through ritual and symbol
we spent about 30 or so minutes at st. vincents cathedral. looking at the stained glass, sitting in the squeaky pews or kneeling on the creaky kneelers or smelling the smoke from the prayer candles all served to focus the entire group on the reason we were there. it was amazing how boisterous the group was in the parking lot and as soon as we walked into the cathedral we all started whispering and tip toeing around.
in the parking lot after we went through our time of reflection insdie shannon passed around different flavors of honey for us to taste and really think about, using our senses, mainly taste and smell. mine was orange blossom and after really focusing on the flavor of the honey i could taste the orange in it.
the entire day was really amazing, and shannon put a TON of work into making the experience meaningful and real. each destination held new things to see and experience and it was wonderful. thank you shannon!

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