Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i can't believe this is FINALLY happening!

i bought myself an airplane ticket today. a one way ticket. from lax to boston. i'm leaving jeremy and moving to new hampshire. ok not leaving leaving him, just moving ahead. since my hours were getting cut july 1 and jeremy's job provides our health insurance, we decided it would be best if i moved out to new hampshire, found a monthly rental apartment, and looked for a job while jeremy stays in la and continues working for edward jones, praying an opening comes up in the area of new england he could conceivably commute to so he can transfer and keep his wonderful benefits, and packing up all our stuff.

once i get a job (also praying that happens very quickly) jeremy will get things finished up here and come out with me. we are still discussing who gets custody of cricket for the month or two we will be apart.

thats right, a month or two. yikes. we've been apart for four or five days before and been perfectly happy (you have to give yourself time to miss each other on occasion) but four or five weeks is a lot. i know married people do this all the time (the families of those serving in our armed forces spring to mind - thank you to each and every one of you by the way) but it will be hard.

and i won't have a car or a job or any friends. but i am still really excited. we've been trying to move to new hampshire for over a year now and the stars are finally aligning. i feel like god is calling us out there and i know he will make everything work out for us like he did when we moved to la.

so thats the big news. my last day in la will be july 7. im sad and happy and excited and terrified and a myriad of other emotions all at the same time. eeeek!


Josh said...

july 7th is a good day to leave it all behind!

excited for you. keep us updated!

Sarah said...

Ahhh! It's happening!

I am excited for your next adventure. We will be praying!

Fair Weather Runner said...

yay, so exciting. FINALLY, now i'll have someone to come visit when i run the boston marathon.... or really just come to visit, because running boston is well.... a dream.

niKnox said...

congrats! so excited for you both as you start this new journey/adventure! where will you stay while you look for an apartment? too bad we're not there to host you again (that was fun). admire your courage and pursuit of something new!