Friday, October 30, 2009

national cat day

yesterday was (apparently) national cat day. jeremy celebrated by caving on the kitten issue and taking me to the shelter to adopt one of our foster babies! we brought him home last night and he readjusted in a snap! cricket was happy to have him back. he was her favorite of the litter. they have been chasing each other around all day. he slept curled around the legs all night last night, and sat in my lap this morning while we watched tv, just like well-behaved cats are supposed to.

the one we picked was the black and white kitten. i thought he was a she the whole time he was living with us, but they figured out at the shelter that he was a boy. i guess they found where it was stamped on the bottom.

we havent figured out a name for him. cricket didnt have a name for aboutthe first two weeks because we (i) wanted the perfect one. jeremy has been calling the new baby blackie or gato negro but i dont like either of those. i suggested snowball, but that was mostly a joke. i also kinda like kramer. i really want a name that has a "k" sound to match cricket and our last name.

anyone have any ideas?

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