Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy halloween!

halloween weekend was also opening weekend of CATS at the palace. so not only did we get a new cat at home, i've been living cats all day at work. we've been wearing the ears with our cats shirts during the week, but with it being halloween and i all, i got into the cat spirit a little more for the saturday performance. one of the girls in the show is also a box office employee, so she did super basic cat makeup for me. all the kids and old people who came on saturday night really got a kick out of it.what's the fun of working in a theatre if you can't dress up once in a while right? i brought home a playbill (i love that wokring at the theatre means my name is in all the playbills) and we went through the character names in order to find a name for our new baby.
we decided on rumpleteazer. although the character in the show is a girl, its not really a feminine name. we have been calling him rumpy or rumplesneezer. he caught a minor cold during those two awful days he had to be at the shelter. jeremy still calls him "cat" or "blackie" but is slowly making the transition to rumpy.
he and cricket have been getting along famously and he sleeps by my feet every night. we love him.
we had no trick-or-treaters either on halloween or on the sunday before which was the designated trick or treat time for manchester (thats the stupidest thing i ever heard of) and that kinda bummed me out. but since i was working during primo t-o-t hours, i guess im glad i didnt miss any cute kids. and we didnt buy candy so oh well.
what did you do for halloween?

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Anonymous said...
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Mandy said...

my iPod is in love with the Wicked soundtrack... it won't play anything else! :) Will you be back in Kansas for the holidays?