Monday, October 19, 2009


steph and ryan came over on sunday to watch the patriots ruthlessly destroy the tennesse titans. the game stopped being fun to watch midway through the second quarter. i think the final score was around six million to zero. they brought charlie over (steph's westie) and oh boy! did the kittehs ever love that game! watching the babies hiss at the dog while he is jumping around in his carrier was mildly entertaining. cricekt spazzed out and clawed me, which was also very fun. so the five cats spent the night under the bed with the door closed and the four of us and charlie had some soup and chip and salsa and hung out.

right before they came over lauren brought kevin over to meet sookie and make sure they wanted to take her. they fell in love with her, which i knew they would. she is a sweetie. majorly a scaredy cat, but so sweet. she cuddled with cricket on the bed today for hours. it was adorable and heart melting.

tonight we tried to watch house, but the stupid baseball playoffs were still going - it was like the 30th inning of whatever game was on. yankees suck. so jeremy went to rite aid, and i did dishes. watching house would have been better.
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