Monday, October 26, 2009

last day with the kittens

well, i had to take the kittens and scarlet back to the shelter today. thankfully lauren wanted one, so she went with me. jeremy was at the palace building the CATS set (he has two jobs now, but still hasnt started at the bank). i needed the moral support. they were crying and scared and i didnt want to give them up, but that's the nature of fostering i guess.

thankfully at least one kitten has a great new home. lauren and kevin have one maine coon cat ad today adopted sookie, the calico kitten from the litter. jeremy never caved on letting me have a second cat, so for now cricket is an only child. but seriously, look at him.

he's the cat whisperer. and he like to pretend he only tolerates cricket. liar!

hopefully in a few months we will foster again. i need some time to get over my loss! i get to see sookie in her new home tomorrow though and i am happy about that. she is such a sweetie. apparently lucee, her new cat sister, is scared of her. thats because sookie had to learn how to stick up for herself at our house. her brother and sister played rough!

the shelter is such a sad place. they said kittens get adopted quickly and i sure hope thats true because there are so many animals in cages there! they are doing the best they can but it is still sad. i almost came home with a rabbit for jeremy but didnt. she looked a lot liked babe did though (minus satan's eyes).

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mommy said...

ugh.. it so sad to even read about it. this is why i dont foster. i would be so sad. all the time. do they get to stay together at the shelter. it would be triple sad if they put them in separate cages. you are a good person babe. miss scarlet had a wonderful home to have and raise her babies. lyb

annaO said...

i'm sorry for laughing at a sad post, but i cracked up at the "satan's eyes" part. so true. she was creepy.

ozellaozone said...

Oh Meg, I know just how you feel. We have had such wonderful experiences with our fosters but it is still hard to let them go. Just know that you provided them with a very loving environment while they were waiting for their forever home. You are a good foster mom.

mommy said...

i knew he would cave. i knew it!! yay!! what is the new babys name?