Monday, October 5, 2009

skated by

after having to make two extra batches of frosting (and bake two carrot cakes, since the first one didnt come out of the pan in one piece) i finished the roller skate cakes for steph's parents 25th anniversary party. it was friday night after working all week and she was coming to pick up the cakes in the morning. i felt good, i packed them up and sealed the box. then jeremy came to look at them and said... "uh babe? the black skate fell over. i told you carrot cake was too dense to stand up." thanks for the i told you so after the fact.

thankfully steph liked the look of the cake on its side - looked like a pair of skates that someone had just casually tossed on the floor. we refrosted teh smooshed parts, iced a dozen cupcakes, and went to bed. the cakes (and chocolate candies we made last week) were a huge hit at the party. the skates looked like the skates her parents used to have when they were first together and used to roller skate all the time. aw!

so my first cake baking/decorating experience in new hampshire was successful, if not exactly how i imagined it would be. and i'm happy because they were happy!

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Christina said...

Those are awesome cakes. I'd love to decorate something like that...someday.