Sunday, October 11, 2009

the good with the bad...

i don't think i have updated the blogosphere with our good news. jeremy has a job! he will be a banker with citizen's bank, starting at the end of the month. we are both super excited and can't wait to learn more about what this position holds for him.

the bad... there was an incident at work that super sucked. it caused a lot of extra work for me and my team but we got through it. it allowed me to see which of the members of my box office team can step up and handles challenges and which freak out under pressure. good info for a manager to have! we got through it, and although there will continue to be repercussions (mostly for me, and mostly in the form of extra work), whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?


p.s. the kittens are almost six weeks old and have offically taken over the entire apartment. but they are too cute to contain! we have been able to keep them out of the bedroom (that's cricket's domain) but the kitchen, bathroom and living room have kittens everywhere all the time! i love it, and that's why i would be a crazy cat lady if jeremy let me.

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